MED&TECH is a the bridge between the past and the future Today with the birth of ProShape Med it has reached perfection.

No longer a technology, but a technological workstation, a synergy of innovative systems for aesthetic, sports and rehabilitation medicine.

We entrusted the design to one of the world’s most famous architects, Simone Micheli, for an image that conveys harmony and innovation.

The workstation was created with a completely new material, a Bayer patent, called Baidur 100, which gives the whole thing compactness and solidity. The monitor is a 15′ with dynamic track programs and intelligent interfaces for a new concept.

As we know, a tailor-made course requires a correct anamnesis and an assessment of the clinical/aesthetic changes. Thanks to the new software, all the fundamental parameters on the patient’s state of health, shape and body composition are measured, from circumferences, weight, BMI, WHR, fat mass and lean mass, skin folds, remote and upcoming pathologies, notes and much more.

The technology itself has retained the three basic functions, such as robotic endermologie massage, LLLT laser and multi-polar diathermy, but with additional innovative solutions:

Introduction of a thermoscanner capable of collecting the temperature at as many as 64 points of the affected area and thus creating a thermographic map, visible on the monitor, to help detect different cellulite stadia and/or vascular alterations. A diagnostic method to monitor the progress of the treatment plan.

Risorsa 92

In addition to the four known dynamic suction modes, the robotic vacuum massage includes new modes that can be customised to the patient’s characteristics.

The rollers change from a standard speed, in forward and reverse, to a variable speed and directionality with synchronous and asynchronous movements.

The LLLT now has two different wavelengths for new biological effects with adjustable powers

On all handpieces, resistive diathermy is frequency modulated (Mhz) power increasable (Watt).

A new function has been added to the multipolar handpieces: mesoporation. This is a physical therapy technique characterised by a transient change in the cell membrane as a result of the application of high-voltage impulses, which enable the intracellular transport of drugs and active ingredients with a high molecular weight.

In addition, the innovation was completed with the integration of a new handpiece called Mesosphere, cylindrical in shape, with variable frequency and pressure, consisting of a rotating roller made up of 45 soft silicone spheres, each of which is able to rotate on itself and simultaneously along the axis of the handpiece.

Thanks to this method of compressive microvibration of mesosphere, various fields of application are covered:

  • Sports medicine (oxygenative muscle purification, reduction of acidosis and contractures)
  • Phlebolymphological, metabolic and especially tissue regenerative field (vascularisation, drainage, action on lipolymphedema, stimulation and regeneration).

The action is also aimed at the subcutaneous panniculus adiposus and the interstitial matrix and above all at reducing fasciomuscular pain, as well as visible improvements in the so-called orange peel of cellulite, thanks to specific tissue metabolic actions.

Another point to highlight: hygiene

Proshape Med has a self-cleaning system that allows the tubes to be cleaned at the end of the day. Simply connect the tubes supporting the handpieces to a plug on the side and the cycle starts to eliminate any aggregate that may have been deposited in the duct. An alert system warns you when it’s time to thoroughly clean the handpieces.

The technology is also completely robotised: via a server, our service centre is able to intervene promptly in the event of problems with the software, the system, various maintenance operations or simply to introduce new programmes or functions. A constantly present remote assistance service.

All this leads to an advantage in terms of costs and operations.


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